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      Welcome to visit the website of Huzhou Huineng New Mstar Technology Ltd.,0572-3121528



      • 2016,The production of block and plate products have been widely used
      • 2016,The company successfully applied for a new type of wall material accreditat
      • 2015,The vice president of Zhejiang new wall material industry association
      • Dec,2014,Successful application project certificate
      • Nov,2014,Chinese aerated concrete association delegation to visit HuiNeng
      • Jun,2014,Successfully produced the first batch of block and panel products
      • AUG,2014,Successfully applied for a new type of wall material product certificat
      • May,2014,Equipment approach, installation and commissioning
      • May,2013,The company officially began construction
      • Sep,2012,The company successfully bid the block
      • 8th,Mar 2012,Huzhou Huineng New Mstar Technology Ltd officially registered
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