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      Welcome to visit the website of Huzhou Huineng New Mstar Technology Ltd.,0572-3121528
      Service content

      Prophase service:  

         Deepen the design and provide reasonable installation plan in accordance with the building and structural design drawings. Before the application, make clear to the relevant parties to avoid problems that are difficult to solve or solve during construction.  

         Economic analysis, common analysis of the economy of various programs, to help customers choose cost-effective programs.

      Application support:

         Deliver the goods and deliver the goods safely to the construction site according to the required specifications, quantity and time.

         Construction services can provide package construction services.

         Field guidance, starting from the first day of construction, church.

         Provide a variety of tools for building tools, such as cutting machine, steel grinding plate, matte board, improve the efficiency of construction.

         Regular inspection, regular and irregular on-site inspection, timely detection of possible problems during construction, to avoid hidden dangers at the end of construction.

      After-sale service:

         Regular visits, organizations, departments regularly return visits, to further understand customer needs, and constantly improve service quality.

         Opinion surveys regularly investigate user opinions in writing, understand problems identified by users in the use of materials and buildings, and understand the differences with other competitors and continuously improve them.

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